Haruo Utsumi

After graduating from the Department of Music at Nihon University College of Art, Haruo taught at a public junior high school for three years.  After resigning from the school, he started a career as a freelance musician dealing mainly with composition and arrangement, direction and instruction of wind music, junior orchestra, and choral singing.  In addition, he has had plenty of experience in ensemble, accompaniment for instrumental, and choral singing since his university days.  Now, he is looking to build on his successful career as an all-around musician.

Current works are composition/arrangement, visual works, music for radio dramas, and creation of original musicals as a borderless music creator.


Sound tracks : “The Stories of the Dreams” (tokyofilmgarage)
Music for Voice Dramas : Twin Dream 2005-
Radio Dramas for Mobile Phone : Don’t Say Goodbye/ Vivid CLUB 2008. 8- (Pompy Entertainment)
“4 Images” (Octet) (selected by Trp. Festival Composition Competition)
“Moonlight Wings” for female chorus and piano (published by Zenon)
“Sound” narration and music (hosted by JILA)
“In the Silence” instrumental music
“Tomorrow Land Brass” arrangement for Christmas tune of Disneyland
Arrangement of songs of soccer team of Fujitsu for brass bands
Arrangement on school song of Kitanodai junior high school in Kanagawa prefecture for brass bands
Synthesizer arrangement for songs of Fusecho in Yamaguchi prefecture into dance music

le Carillon de chambre: organizer and conductor
〔JILA〕 member as a composer 〔Vivid CLUB〕 in charge of music
〔JASRAC〕 associate member




Chieko was born in Tokyo in 1978 and took an early interest in music by starting the piano at age four.  After participating as a member of the Tokyo Broadcasting Children Chorus Group for ten years, she got inspired to study composing and harmonics.  Upon graduating from a four year course at the Toho College of Music, she was offered a scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she majored in jazz and film composition.  She studied various other styles of composing, as well as theory, technique and visual composition on computers, and graduated with a diploma in film scoring in 2004.  After returning to Japan, she devoted herself to film music and concert production and was involved in a number of on-site projects.  She assigned herself to a chorus group called Little Carol and has been in charge of arranging music since it’s formation.  In recent years, she has continued her work and involvement in composing and arrangement.

Independent Works

On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning”  (Tom Flint)

“Jikuu Saikuringu”  (Yuu Motono)


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