Jun Matsuo was born in Tokyo in 1969.  Inheriting German-American blood from his grandfather, his exotic features immediately make him stand out among the growing number of internationally-renowned Japanese actors.  After studying ‘method acting’ for several years with the Zen Hirano Acting Seminar, he began to develop his skills and went on to hone them at a number of other acting schools.   Since making the shift from theater to film, he has grown into a gifted actor who continues to evolve and utilize his very own acting method.  Apart from acting, he is fluent in English and has done extensive physical training, experimenting with such crafts as tate (traditional Japanese swordplay), karate and kickboxing.  With an incredible dynamic range and international edge, Jun represents a new breed of Japanese actors waiting for the next chance to prove himself.


Samantha Hoogenboom is an up-and-coming actress and television presenter.  She is currently studying method acting in London with Sam Rumbelow, an actor and teacher in the direct lineage of the master, Lee Strasberg.  She has previously trained in acting for camera for two years at On Camera Connections in Sydney, as well as participated in numerous theatre programs and workshops in Australia and New Zealand.

Samantha supports her knowledge of the art with a university major in film studies and journalism, and she recognizes the need for humanity to share it’s stories visually, to explore our psychology, promote empathy and uplift and enhance our spirits.

Samantha began her career as a fashion model and commercial actress and has developed her style, craft, depth, discipline and love of film on the set of major Hollywood motion pictures such as “The Matrix Two,” and “The Ramen Girl,” as well as starring in five short films, two music video clips, three theatre productions, and presenting the news online to an international audience.

Samantha has recently filmed a supporting role in a television series with renowned British actor, Sir Ian McKellan, and is currently developing a travel series which she will star in.



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